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Post by Perfect Chrome Soul on Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:14 pm

This is the place where you can help the world and it's troubles, or just find something to do, or try and beef yourself up for that big, baaad mission posted for the toughies of the DWMA to gulp down. I am PCS, and I will be posting new missions WEEKLY. I will pass ALL my missions (and I'm taking other missions as well) to Lord Death himself for reveiw. Accepted missions are posted and Rejected will be rejected (Obviously.). Also, i shall play other characters, such as the bystanders, important characters (The submitter or witness, Boss Kishin), and the Kishins too.

Grab your mission before it disappears into the hands of another bunch of students, or join someone's team if you feel like it. Also, unaccepted missions will either STAY or GO, meaning there's a chance it will be taken by the NPCs! The easy ones tend to go fast, so Hurry before ANYONE touches it!

You can lone-Wolf it if you aren't paired, but if you are, BOTH OF YOU must decide on going. The pair can be seperated during the mission, but mission acceptance requires both Yes from you guys.

There is a Goal to each mission. For each completed mission, you may receive currency (Maybe even some Kishin Egg Souls!) You fail if the goal cannot be achieved or you DIE! For almost every Kishin slayed in your path, you will be awarded 1 Keshin Egg Soul(or K.E.S.). Messing up on Witch Hunt Mission results in your Eggs being confiscated. Retrieve 99 KES and a Witch Soul (Collected on RARE MISSIONS or "Witch Hunts".) to become...

...A Death Weapon.
Talk to Mr.Evans (Aj16amc) if you want to know what it feels like. Now, On to the MISSIONS!!!


A sign hung on the empty board says this:
"Sorry, nothing to do today. Check back later!! ^u^" --PCS

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